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Queen Kollective Brand Video

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The Queen Kollective Logo

Introducing the Queen Kollective: A women-centric organization to embrace your inner queen

The Queen Kollective is an organization made by women for women, aiming to empower them to embrace their inner queen. They believe in the power of women and are determined to create a space where women can thrive and succeed.

They believe that every woman has the potential to be a queen, regardless of her background or circumstances. Their mission is to provide a safe and supportive community where women can embrace their inner royalty and realize their full potential.

They needed their story told inspiringly, which is where we come in. The brand video tells the story of Queen Kollactive’s origin, from conception to production. This four-minute story-telling video takes viewers on a journey through the different stages of the organization’s creation. It highlights the passion and dedication of building the Queen Kollective.

Watch the Queen Kollective video 🎥

Queen Kollective elegant dress in desert

How we created the Queen Kollective brand video

Miley Studios conceptualized and produced the brand video from start to end. The long-format video tells the story of their origin, from conception to production. The multiday filming schedule for the video took place over the course of a week, with a diverse range of locations used to create a dynamic and engaging visual experience for viewers. The shoot included editorial-style interviews in a video studio, action footage at an athletic club’s boxing area, and footage in rural Nevada’s rugged and desolate yet beautiful desert.

We also captured footage in downtown Reno, showcasing a professional woman’s urban business side. Finally, we traveled to Lake Tahoe to capture the beauty of the blue shores and big mountain skies.

After the footage was captured, the post-production editing began, focusing on creating a relatable and immersive brand story. In addition, we added music soundtracks to enhance the overall impact of the video. The result was a stunning visual journey that encouraged women to sign up and become part of the Queen Kollective community.

Queen Kollective interview

Impact of the brand video

We are thrilled to announce that Queen Kollective’s brand video has been a tremendous success. Since its release on social media channels and at networking conferences, it has helped achieve inspiring results with many new memberships.

The video has resonated with women around the world, who are seeking a community of like-minded individuals to connect with and empower them. It has inspired them to take action and join our cause, becoming part of our sisterhood and helping us to further our mission of empowering women everywhere.

It’s worth noting that the brand video for the Queen Kollective has won a gold MarCom award for best brand video. This recognition highlights the high quality of the video production and the dedication and attention to detail that has gone into creating it.

Queen Kollective Stills

Here are a few still photos taken directly from the video. Because we captured all footage at 4K resolution, we could quickly obtain usable still photos for social media, print, and other uses.

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Let’s create

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