Medical Surgery Center Video Production Case Study

Embarking on a cinematic journey

What we did

  • Script
  • Virtual Tour Video
  • Social Videos
  • Pre-Production
  • Post-Production

Capturing the essence of new Mountain West Surgery Center

Mountain West Surgery Center, a new physician-owned facility nestled in the heart of South Reno, sought a compelling way to showcase their state-of-the-art surgery center. They needed a medium that would allow viewers to experience the beauty and innovation firsthand, from the warm reception area to the cutting-edge operating rooms and the tranquil recovery suites.


We crafted captivating virtual tours

At Miley Studios, our team collaborated closely with Mountain West Surgery Center to create a video virtual tour to be used for PR, their website, and social media channels. Led by the expertise of Dr. Timothy Janiga, a renowned plastic surgeon, we developed scripts that seamlessly guide viewers through each unique area of the center. In addition, Dr. Janiga’s personal touch also added an extra layer of flair and authenticity, engaging viewers on a deeper level.

Watch the Mountain West Surgical Center tour video 🎥

MWSC Tour Still image

How we created the healthcare tour video

To breathe life into the virtual tour, we harnessed our collective creativity and expertise in scriptwriting. Working hand in hand with Dr. Janiga, we crafted narratives that captivated and educated viewers, allowing them to experience Mountain West Surgery Center virtually. Dr. Janiga’s charisma and unique perspective enriched the scripts, ensuring an emotional connection with the audience.

MWSC Tour Still image

On-location filming: capturing the magic

Equipped with cinema-grade 4K cameras, we embarked on a journey through the large rooms and corridors of Mountain West Surgery Center. We meticulously filmed each captivating area, capturing the essence of the facility’s design and innovation. From the inviting reception area to the bustling operating rooms and the serene recovery suites, we ensured every detail was immortalized on film.

Cinema formats and social media delights: Tailored for every platform

Recognizing the diverse preferences of audiences, we catered to their needs by offering two unique cinema formats: widescreen and social media format.

To expand the center’s reach further, we crafted several shorter formats designed specifically for social media platforms. These bite-sized delights sparked curiosity and opened doors to a wider audience.

Elevating the virtual tour to new heights

In the post-production phase, our editor meticulously transformed the raw footage into a visual masterpiece. We edited, color-graded, and seamlessly blended each scene. By cleaning up the audio and selecting music thoughtfully, we enhanced the emotional impact of the tour. The result was a final product that is ready to captivate and inspire.

At Miley Studios, our passion for creative digital storytelling fueled every step of this video production project. From the initial script writing and planning to the on-location filming and the post-production process, we embraced the opportunity to bring Mountain West Surgery Center’s state-of-the-art experience to the forefront.

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