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Brosy family dentistry logo

Family Healthcare Practice Gets a Checkup

Call it perfect timing. As Dr. Paul Brosy began handing over the reins of his 30-plus-year dentistry practice to his daughter, Dr. Erin Anderson, several things became clear. First, the website needed to reflect the shift in ownership while reassuring existing patients they would continue to receive the same warm, welcoming experience they’d always found at Brosy Family Dentistry.

Secondly, it presented the perfect opportunity to refresh a brand that has been around since 1989. A new look, search engine-friendly content, and a renewed focus on the family healthcare experience would help bring the Brosy brand into line with local competitors. By taking a storytelling approach through video, written content, photography, and patient reviews, the new site provides a highly personalized hub for new and existing patients alike.

Brosy Family Dentistry Website

Simple. Beautiful. Practical.

At the heart of the project was a complete revamp of the Brosy website. With the fresh logo firmly established, the site could be built to reflect the new identity of this family healthcare practice. Spacious, open layouts with large custom photos and integrated video help tell the story of this practice, which often sees multiple generations returning for quality dental work.

The content focuses on the patient experience while the navigation simplifies the process, whether visitors are looking to book an appointment, ask a question, or explore the services Brosy offers. In addition, by dynamically integrating the Brosy blog across the website, visitors can get a true sense of the company’s personality and learn about specialized services and tips they may not have discovered previously. 

Brosy Family Dentistry Webpages

“From the very beginning I was extremely impressed with Tim and his vision for changing our website and defining our brand. He was very professional and provided necessary insight into which products he could provide and how these would be implemented to our practice. I highly recommend Tim and his qualified team. You will not be disappointed!”

Dr. Erin Anderson

Brosy Brand Guidelines

Setting Forth Clear Guidelines

These days, it’s critical for a business to lay out the expectations for using its branding assets, including logos and the proper use of the company name. Branding guidelines are not only helpful for designers and channel partners who work with the company and employees who have to use branding across social media and within the office. To this end, the Miley Studios team created a comprehensive brand guideline book for Brosy Family Dentistry. Now, the brand will remain consistent and recognizable whenever the company advertises, offers promotions, or spreads the good word on social media.

Updating a Legacy Brand

As a family healthcare practice with a reputation for providing friendly, professional service for more than 30 years, Brosy Family Dentistry takes its identity and branding seriously. So when it came time to rework the branding assets, Dr. Anderson worked closely with the Miley Studios team to develop a tooth-themed logo that fit the practice to a T. Dr. Anderson liked the previous logo but recognized that it needed to be a bit more friendly and approachable. Most importantly, it needed to be instantly recognizable, whether on the website, on letterhead, or throughout the office. The results are below.

Brosy Family Dentistry logo

New visual identity and logo design

Brosy Brand Guidelines business cards

New logo implemented across business systems

Brosy Brand Guidelines Logo

Logo used for building signage

Brosy Brand Guidelines patterns

Brand patterns creation used across marketing ecosystem

Trust Signals and Reassurance through Custom Photography

Stock photos may have their place, but not for a friendly, family practice like Brosy. So from day one, the website needed to feature pictures of the smiling faces patients interact with when they visit the practice. Bright, colorful, and modern, the on-location photos show scenarios patients will encounter when visiting Brosy, offering a sense of comfort and reduced anxiety, which many dental patients feel before a trip to the dentist. They also show how Brosy’s practice seamlessly blends modern dental equipment with an old-fashioned human approach and the feel of a relaxing home rather than a cookie-cutter office.

Brand & testimonial videos

With the understanding that video testimonials are proven, powerful tools for converting potential customers into dedicated product or service users, the Miley team planned out a series of videos to better tell the Brosy story. The Miley content team first interviewed key stakeholders ahead of time to inform the script better and ensure the videos stayed on message.

After a one-day video shoot on site, the resulting videos feature patients of various ages and dental needs discussing why Brosy is such an essential part of their health regimen. In addition, videos highlighting the Brosy staff use historical footage and family photos to show the practice’s progression over time and welcome patients to the new website.

Developing a Personal Connection with Storytelling

Without a well-told story, potential patients are missing a key component of what makes a practice like Brosy so appealing to the entire family. So we set out with the idea of putting a face on the Brosy staff and its long-standing patients to better connect with visitors emotionally. Starting with a brief history of the practice, we turned our focus to the new generation of Brosys, interviewing Dr. Anderson (Brosy) for her on-site bio and a welcome video. By letting Anderson tell her own story, the Miley team has helped shine the spotlight on the personal, attentive approach provided by the Brosy staff.

By crafting clear, keyword-driven content, we’re educating patients on each of the services offered at Brosy while enhancing the site’s position within search results pages. Finally, by featuring patient reviews, prospective patients can glimpse the type of services they’ll receive before booking an appointment, which they can also now request on the new site.

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