Brand & Marketing Strategy

The destination determines the journey.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

-Leonardo da Vinci

Research & Strategy Service

Supposing is good, but finding out is better.

Our approach to developing a robust strategy is to use both qualitative and quantitative methods, leveraging Timothy Miley’s 20 years of experience working with well-known brands in the digital agency space.

We begin with industry-leading practices, including analyzing data from Google Analytics and heat mapping. We conduct stakeholder interviews during the discovery phase to identify user behaviors and needs. We also use heuristic methods to uncover additional insights and identify industry and competitor trends.

We aim to understand your users’ perspectives and how your business, brand, and vision fit into their worldview. These data-driven insights will serve as the guiding principle for the project and beyond. Ultimately, we will deliver an actionable strategic plan to help move your business forward.

Gather Insights
Competitive Positioning

Competitive Positioning Analysis

Setting yourself apart from your competition is half the battle.

While some businesses may differentiate themselves through price, we believe in standing out through high-quality, relevant experiences.

Our goal is to help you define what truly makes your company unique and the value you offer to your target market. This involves finding a comfortable place in your potential customer’s mind and establishing your brand’s identity.
Your positioning will impact everything from fresh campaign ideas and video approaches to foundational elements like content tone and voice, design, photography style, and visual identity.

By highlighting your differences and the unique value you provide, you can become the go-to choice for your target market. This will result in less money spent on marketing and more solid customer loyalty.

User Experience (UX) Strategy

The best products and experiences don’t focus on features, they focus on clarity.

Our expertise lies in the intersection of UX design and business strategy. We take the time to understand your business and customers, enabling us to define KPIs and goals that result in a seamless, frictionless experience aligned with your brand. When the right content is presented to your users, doing business with you becomes effortless.

To accomplish this, we build informational sitemaps, user flow diagrams, and wireframes that serve as the blueprint for your product. We use modern methodologies like rapid prototyping, ongoing usability testing, and iterative development to refine and improve our designs. We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that the final product meets your needs and expectations.

Strategic Clarity

Let’s create


Let’s create


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Digital Marketing Services

Creative capabilities

Custom creative solutions for your uniquely distinct marketing challenges.

Digital Branding & Creative

  • Branded Content & Video
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Visual Identity & Logos
  • Brand & Creative Collateral

& Video

  • Branded Video
  • Advertising/TV Spot Video
  • Social Videos
  • Motion Design


  • Advertising Photography
  • Photography for Businesses
  • Editorial Portrait Headshots
  • Product Photography


  • Responsive Web Design
  • ADA Accessible Web Design
  • E-Commerce Web Design
  • Landing Pages & Microsites