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We create custom websites that are mobile-first, accessible, and awesome.

In today’s fast-paced world, a website that doesn’t meet the needs of mobile users is like a car with square wheels – it simply won’t get you where you need to go. That’s where we come in. We specialize in crafting websites that are not only stunning and engaging but also built with the needs of today’s mobile users in mind.

“In 2021, mobile devices generated 54.4% of global website traffic.”


Our sites are designed to be both mobile-first and accessible, ensuring that all users, regardless of ability, can enjoy a seamless browsing experience. We take strict ADA compliance seriously, working to ensure that our sites meet the highest standards of accessibility.

But that’s not all. We also understand that your website is your window to the world, which is why we prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) to help your site rank higher in search engine results and attract more visitors. With a focus on user-friendly design and smooth functionality, our sites are built to captivate, engage, and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Sitemap & Wireframes for Websites

Planning and strategy is everything.

Building a successful website takes more than just great design and quality content. It requires meticulous planning and a clear vision to ensure every page serves a specific purpose and aligns with your business goals and user needs.

That’s where sitemaps and wireframes come into play. The sitemap provides a bird’s eye view of your website’s hierarchy, helping us to understand the relationships between pages and how users will navigate through them. It’s like having a map to guide you through uncharted territory.

Wireframes, on the other hand, are the blueprint for each page, outlining the essential elements and their placement, ensuring that design and content align with your business goals. It’s like having a blueprint for building a house, ensuring that everything is in its right place before construction begins.

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Website Content Strategy and Creation

Crafting a meaningful user experience

As the saying goes, content is king, and meaningful content is essential when creating a website that genuinely resonates with your audience. But creating content just for the sake of it won’t cut it. To ensure your website’s messaging hits the right notes, we take a user-centered approach, starting with research and creating personas.

We’ll ensure your content is engaging and conversational while optimizing for SEO best practices. Creating a user-centered content strategy will build trust with your audience and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry, and can ensure your new website ranks higher in organic search.

Visual Web Designs

Designing for accessibility, user experience, and the wow factor

Visual design is a critical element of any website, setting the tone for the user experience and creating the first impression that can make or break the user’s engagement with the site. But with so many websites out there, how can you ensure your design stands out from the crowd and creates that all-important wow factor?

At Miley Studios, we believe that creating a visually stunning website requires a combination of expertise, creativity, strategy, and attention to detail. It’s not just about making the site look pretty; it’s about creating a design that aligns with your brand and speaks to your audience.

Prototyping and Usability Testing for Websites

Refining your website’s user experience

Prototyping is the ultimate testing ground for your website’s functionality and usability, allowing you to test its key features and refine its design before investing in the full development process. It’s the perfect way to ensure everything runs smoothly before launching your website into the digital world.

But we don’t stop there. Our usability testing services help identify potential pain points and opportunities for improvement. We translate user insight data to make confident product decisions that translate to driving business growth.

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Web design FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Why is user testing important?2023-03-30T01:21:38+00:00

User testing gathers feedback from real users and reduces friction by identifying improvement areas and growth opportunities. By leveraging feedback from real users, we can translate insights into actionable enhancements and create catalysts for growth.

What is a visual design library and how can it improve website accessibility?2023-03-30T00:57:50+00:00

A visual design library can help ensure consistency across a website’s design, ensuring that essential elements such as typography, color palette, and imagery align with the brand’s visual identity. Design patterns can also be repurposed across pages and templates using the same code base and markup. This translates to greater visual consistency and less code bloat.

Lastly, incorporating accessibility features such as high contrast modes, keyboard navigation, and alternative image text can improve usability for all users, regardless of ability.

Why is it essential to build a mobile-first website?2023-03-30T01:09:01+00:00

As the world becomes increasingly mobile-centric, consumers expect websites to be fast, easy to use, and accessible on any device. Building a mobile-first accessible website is necessary to meet these expectations and provide a seamless user experience.

In fact, at the end of 2021, mobile devices generated 54.4% of global website traffic, according to Statista.

What is a mobile-first accessible website?2023-03-30T00:51:17+00:00

A mobile-first accessible website is a website that prioritizes user experience and accessibility on mobile devices, ensuring that it provides a seamless experience for users regardless of device or ability.

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